How to activate using

People have a lot of TV shows and movies to keep themselves entertained; however, they can’t keep track all the show timings. Fortunately, they can use to keep a track of show timings. In order to use via Serviio, VLC, Alexa and other media centers, people have to create an account by visiting using a web browser. Once they activate, they will be able to know all the information about movie shows and where they are playing.

When people have plug ins for media center, they can sign in to just by logging into their social media accounts. Below given are the steps that you should follow to create a account and activate the service.

  1. Visit the URL
  2. Enter your email address followed by your username for the account and its password
  3. You should then click option that says “Join Trakt”
  4. Open your Trakt account through the “Media Center”
  5. You will then see 8-character code
  6. If you are unable to see the code, then search for “Authentication Section” in the Plugin Settings option. You can then find the code
  7. Now go to tv/activate on your computer or mobile device
  8. Enter the 8-digit code and press the option “Continue”
  9. You will be prompted to authorize access on your Media Center. Click Yes to allow access
  10. If you go back to your “Media Center”, you can see that the Trakt account is connected

Steps to activate on Firestick

You can connect more devices with whenever you want by following the instructions below. Also, no matter how many devices you want to connect, all of them should have a unique 8-digit code. Let us see what you should do to connect your FireTV or Firestick with

  1. Open the option “Trakt” on your Firestick
  2. Link your account or register for an account under the option “Sign Up”
  3. You should then follow the instructions on the home screen of Amazon Firestick
  4. Now go to tv/activate and enter the l8-digit unique code
  5. Use your email or Facebook to register and provide all the required details
  6. You will get the code within a few seconds
  7. Enter the code on the Amazon Firestick screen
  8. Now, you can track the history of tv shows and movies using tv/activate

Though is helpful for tracking and keeping a history of what we watch, it tracks all the data we search on our devices. So, we should have our profiles in private mode. Follow the steps given below to be in private mode.

Hover over the option “Username” in the screen

Check the option “Private Check Box” under the Settings option

You should then save the settings

You are set to go now in private mode. In addition, you can also hide your Internet Protocol address if you want to. For this option, you need to make use of a VPN or Virtual Private Network. With this option, you can ask your Internet Protocol address, as the VPN will keep changing the IP address.